Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway

radiorangerboatbutton Radio Ranger RC Fishing Boat Giveaway is offering an awesome RC Fishing Boat worth $79.95 to one lucky reader and it could be you. Do not pass up on the chance to win this RadioRanger Remote Control Fishing Boat Giveaway.

Bobbie Anne from owns one of these fast remote control boats, listen to what she has to say about it.

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$200 in Mia Mariu Gift Cards Giveaway – #missiongiveaway

MGglobe $200 in Mia Mariu Gift Cards Giveaway   #missiongiveaway


I love cosmetics.  Especially mineral makeup!  Mia Mariu has a really fantastic line of mineral makeup that I am kind of in love with right now!  You can read my recent Mia Mariu review here. 

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Container Gardening with Miracle Gro

This post brought to you by Miracle-Gro. All opinions are 100% mine.

20120910 eciuuf5khtfwsf39set8cqwbuc Container Gardening with Miracle Gro
I live in an apartment and don’t have much space for a garden, but I love to have green plants growing around me.  One of these days, I will have a yard and a place to plant in the ground but for now, container gardening fills the gap.
I was looking at the videos on the Gardenieres site, and found one about growing plants in containers.  When I found it, my first thought was, literally, ‘that is right up my alley!’ I have a couple of plants on my patio that I want to try to keep over the winter, and would like to start a little herb garden.  The video was full of information and gave me the knowledge to try my green thumb.

The video pointed out the importance of having the right sized pots, as well as making sure you use the correct potting mix and fertilizer.  Miracle Gro makes a couple of great Potting Mixes, the Standard Miracle Gro Potting Mix, which contains a slow release plant fertilizer that will feed your plants for up to six months; or the new Expand n Gro Potting Soil, which expands to three times its original size when water is added.  This means that it has superior water and nutrient retention.
20120905 t58wkqk695xc191uyharj6kfbt Container Gardening with Miracle Gro
They also make a couple of fertilizers that are ideal for container gardening; Miracle Gro LiquaFeed that is mixed with water, or “the lazy man’s fertilizer” Shake n Feed fertilizer that is sprinkled on the soil once or twice per year.  This definitely sounds like my kind of gardening!
Between the video guidance and Miracle Gro’s products, I know that container gardening is going to be a win-win situation.  With the weather getting colder outside, it’s really time to move those plants indoors; and maybe even get some new plants for the holidays!
Have questions about your own garden?  Connect with experts and fellow gardeners on the Miracle-Gro Facebook page
 Container Gardening with Miracle Gro

 Container Gardening with Miracle Gro

Fab Five: Fun Cars

classic volvo Fab Five: Fun Cars
I like quirky, fun cars.  I always have.  My friend had a late 1950’s Volvo when we were just beginning to drive, and I still want one to this day.

Fun Hallmark Halloween Decor

standupwitchcard 550 x 413 Fun Hallmark Halloween Decor

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, if not my very favorite.  I love seeing all the kids dressed up in their adorable costumes.  They’re so thrilled to be all dressed up.  The local stores are filled with candy.   Mmmm….candy. And have you seen   all the decorations that people put up?  I mean, it’s almost as good as Christmas! 

Have you seen the Hallmark Halloween decorations this year?  Hallmark has really come through!  Granted, they always seem to have awesomely fun items for every season, but these Hallmark Halloween decorations really take the cake. 

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Kindle Fire Giveaway #MDMediaEvents

kindle giveaway Kindle Fire Giveaway #MDMediaEvents

Once again, a Kindle Fire is one of the hot, must have gifts for Christmas.  Here's a chance to win one! 

This Kindle Fire Giveaway is sponsored by SavingStar and brought to you by Madame Deals Media. **Powered by Mommy Needs Her Coffee and Madame Deals**

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Sibu Beauty and a Skin Care Regimen

sibu spa Sibu Beauty and a Skin Care Regimen


For the past couple of months, I’ve been trying out the Sibu Beauty skin care regimen.  I’ve posted a time or two about my prior lack of a skincare routine. When I say lack of a skincare routine, I mean it.  I would wash my face when I was in the shower.  I might or (usually) not use moisturizer. I rarely removed my makeup before bedtime.  And preventative or anti-aging treatments?  Uhhh…can I plead the fifth on that? 

Well, I mean, you can probably figure that out for yourself.  If I’m not moisturizing, I’m definitely not using serums, eye creams, and stuff like that.  In the past couple of years, though, my life has changed drastically.  I had a birthday.  And then another one that put my perilously close to that landmark 3-0. 

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Cleava Snap to Bra Mock Camisole Review

Cleava2 Cleava Snap to Bra Mock Camisole Review


Have you seen Cleava?  If you watch just about any amount of TV, I’m sure you have.  Cleava are the product that gives the illusion of a camisole, but it snaps to your bra.  It’s great for low cut tops, or to change the look of your clothes up a little.  We all have tops that are a little too low cut, or give a peep-show when we bend over.  I thought that Cleava mock camisole would be the perfect accessory to help with that problem. 

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