2013 Fall TV Shows Winners and Losers

I watch a lot of TV.  I try to lie to myself and act like I don’t, but the reality is, we all watch more TV than we think we do.

2013 fall tv winners losers 2013 Fall TV Shows Winners and Losers

The new 2013 Fall TV schedule is in full effect now, and there are some winners and some losers.  And yes, I know that some of these shows aren’t new for 2013 Fall TV, but they’re included because they’ve had an overhaul or update.


Bethenny.  I love love love Bethenny.  She’s been able to have a great balance of audience interaction, a little celebrity without relying too much on them, and informative segments.  It reminds me of an updated version of The Phil Donahue Show.

The Black List.  It was time for NBC to get away from all Law & Order, all the time.  This is sort of like Scandal light, which is nice, too.  I love me some Scandal, but sometimes I’m just not ready to have that intense of an experience.

Sean Saves the World.  Hilarious!!  I was sooo afraid that this was going to be “Just Jack” – Sean Hayes’ fake show from Will and Grace.  Nope, nothing like that at all.  It’s funny, entertaining, and fairly relatable.  The fact that the show is loaded with great supporting actors like Thomas Lennon and Linda Lavin certainly doesn’t hurt.

The Amazing Race. This season has recaptured some of the magic from the first few seasons of the show.  Tasks where the contestants actually have to use their brains or do something are a refreshing change, too.  Watching the contestants ride an incline to the top of a hill got boring fast.

Shark Tank.  I was a huge fan of Dragon’s Den on BBC, and I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank.  While I’ve never stopped liking Shark Tank, I am loving the change of having Barbara and Lori together on some episodes.  It just gives a fresh take and a different slant.


Chicago Fire.  I could not get into it last year.  I’ve found myself watching a few episodes this year, and it seems better.  However, how much drama can they have?  Illegitimate babies?  Jail?  Closing the firehouse?  Is there someone that used to be a daytime soap script writer heading up this show?

Revenge.  I thought that they were heading back towards the first season of the show, and not all this random abstract stuff?  I haven’t seen evidence of it yet, except a couple of recycled plot lines, like Nolan falling for {and perhaps being extorted by?} someone from the Graysons’ empire.  Can’t these extraneous people disappear as randomly as they appeared on the show?


Welcome to the Family.  The premise seemed okay, but Mike O’Malley?  Really?  I’m a huge fan of Mike O’Malley’s standup, but he’s become a milquetoast dad actor.  Bor-ing!

Dads.  It’s not that this show is horrible, as it’s okay.  The problem falls more along the lines that all the actors are people that you really like, and really respect in their other roles.  And then…this show just falls flat.

The Michael J Fox Show.  It’s bad.  Really bad.  It’s not funny, the people have no chemistry, and loaded with Parkinson’s jokes.  The best part is the aunt (?) that’s the freelance writer.  I really, really wanted to like this show.  I just can’t.

I know I’m watching other new shows, too, but heck if I can remember what they are!  What are your thoughts on the new 2013 Fall TV shows?

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  1. Sean Saves the World is sooo funny!!!

  2. I LOVE the Black List. I wasn’t able to get into Dads and Welcome to the Family. I do still have some Sean Saves the World on my DVR so I need to check that one out!
    Samantha K recently posted..Lemon Pepper Pasta with Shrimp – Quick Dinner RecipeMy Profile

  3. I love Blacklist – one of my favorite shows. Definitely must see tv.
    Cristine recently posted..Cookies, popcorn and brownies burst with caramel fall flavors from Werther’s Originals Baking CaramelsMy Profile

  4. Love Shark Tank and The Amazing Race! And I’ve been meaning to catch up on Bethenny.
    Danielle recently posted..Sharp HealthCare Offers Free Seminars for SeniorsMy Profile

  5. I haven’t seen ANY of these shows! Thanks for the recap!
    Kerri (TheMaven) recently posted..Halloween Party Games: Mummy Your MommyMy Profile

  6. Well, I’m enjoying Agents of SHIELD. That said, I’ve been sort of disappointed in fall tv–a lot of ok shows (which still might hit their stride) but nothing’s really stood out to me.

  7. amanda whitley says:

    i 100 % agree with alot of these. Blacklist is one of my new favorites. I can’t stand the Michael J fox show. Sean saves the world is pretty funny i just haven’t seen enough of it to really judge. in Our house we are huge Walking Dead fans so that is a must watch and The Voice.

  8. Julie Wood says:

    I agree with you about the show Dads, and I think the worst new Show on TV is The Michael J. Fox Show. They jokes are not funny. I think this show needs to go off the air. One of the new shows that I really like on this list is James Spader in the Black List. He is so good in this show!

  9. They look pretty bad to me. I don’t think I could watch any of them.

  10. judy gardner says:

    chicago fire is one of my favorite shows! i enjoy it because of the characters and the story lines, but i admit they do hop around from one issue to another pretty quickly. i read that there is gonna be a spin-off called chicago PD with some of the cop characters that have appeared on the original. looking forward to that!

  11. It’s not true that “we all watch more than we think we do”. I don’t have a TV so I don’t watch any at all.

  12. I like the Blacklist and Sean saves the World :)


  13. Danielle F. says:

    I love The Amazing Race but I disagree that this season has been fantastic – I never fell out of love with this reality show (my favorite in the genre) so I didn’t need it to ‘recapture the magic’ but I find this season to be overall just okay with very few likable teams to get behind and one team in particular (Tim/Marie) who aren’t even fun to hate – they are just awful.

    I checked out The Michael J Fox show when it premiered and saw maybe 3 episodes and didn’t like it at all and I dropped Revenge mid way through season 1 when the show was dropping anvils left and right about the true love between Emily and that boy she grew up with as a child –
    it was overkill and turned me off.

  14. I love Bethenny. Our family are huge Walking Dead fans! Can’t wait for what is in store for Rick and friends until the mid-season premiere airs on Feb. 9!!!!
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