Otter Pops for a Classic Summer Treat #OtterSummerScramble #YOLO

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Do you know what one of the best parts of summer is? It’s when Otter Pops show up on store shelves. That’s the first real siign of summer. One of the great things about Otter Pops is that you can take them everywhere! Go to the beach? How about the park? Are you just kicking it outside in your own yard? Otter Pops are a great treat in all of these situations. There’s no big package or dangerous glass bottle to throw away. Just a tiny little plastic tube that can be disposed of practically anywhere.

Even as an adult, Otter Pops are still one of my favorite summer treat. You know what Otter Pops are, right? They are those frozen slushy popsicle treat that come in plastic tube. You take them home and freeze them. There’s something about sucking that slushy mixture out of the tube that makes me happy. Personally, I like the tropical flavors. Mainly because I have to be different.

Otter Pops are made with real fruit juice and are fat free. I had no idea!

otter pops 575 x 472 Otter Pops for a Classic Summer Treat #OtterSummerScramble #YOLO

For a limited time, to celebrate summer, Otter Pops is having a contest. You can enter the Summer Scramble Sweeps to win fun otter pop prizes. Prizes include:

  • Boxes of Otter Pops (25 winners )
  • Visa gift cards (3 Winners)
  • or a Year’s Supply of Otter Pops (1 winner)

Entering is easy. Just head over to the Otter Pops Facebook page and play the game. I got the first question wrong, so I don’t know if multiple questions are not! Whoops! Beware though –you only get to play once a week.

otter pops 2 575 x 358 Otter Pops for a Classic Summer Treat #OtterSummerScramble #YOLO

Since you need to like them on Facebook to enter the sweepstakes, you should go ahead and follow @Otterpops on Twitter as well.

Do you have freezer full of Otter Pops for your kids? How about for yourself? Any wild summer plans? Let me know in the comments below.

 Otter Pops for a Classic Summer Treat #OtterSummerScramble #YOLO

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  1. Fun! I do love otter pops…those cartoons are just the cutest!

  2. Julie Wood says:

    Otter Pops are so delicious and great for summer because you eat them frozen and they have a lot less calories than other summer treats and they are cheap to buy! I like the Orange flavor the best!

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