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I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled extensively in my life.  However, one of the places that I haven’t spent much time is Florida.  I mean, sure.  I’ve spent a weekend or two in Miami, enjoying the unique culture and the amazing Art Deco architecture.  Oh, and the nightlife.  You definitely can’t forget the nightlife of South Beach. 

When I was in High School, we took a family trip to Orlando.  One guess why, right?  Of course it was for a trip to Disneyworld and a trip to the other Disney family of amusement parks.  This was about a year or so before they opened the Wild Kingdom Animal Park, so we missed out on visiting that.  I’d love to go back for a trip to see it. 

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I’ve also been to Tampa a couple times for quick business trips.  There wasn’t much to remember from those jaunts, but I didn’t get out much either. 

Being a major history buff, I would love to spend some time in St Augustine.  Everything I’ve heard about the town is that it’s a great romantic escape.  It’s the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the 48 states.  I think that would make a fantastic 3 or 4 day weekend. 

I’ve also kind of always wanted to go on one of those everglades tours in the airboats.  I don’t know if they still do those, but I think it would be kind of fun.  Don’t you?  I mean as long as we didn’t get eaten by alligators or have the boat flip over or anything. 

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  1. Saint Augy is amazing!! I'm about 45 min from there. So much history and culture! It was populated by the spanish and therefore has a ton of my favorite gorgeous architecture. I live so close, but I would buy a bed and breaksast and stay a weekend b/c there's THAT much to see lol

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