How to Make Seed Bombs

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seed bombs How to Make Seed Bombs

Gardening can be fun and exciting.  Personally, I’ve always been kind of jazzed by it, but my parents met at college – an Ag college.  And they’re both free spirits.  Sooo…my childhood experiences are kind of different than most peoples. 

While I think it’s exciting to know that the seeds that are sown are going to turn into tasty veggies, vivid flowers, and flavorful herbs and spices, some people need a little more instant gratification.  That’s where thesefun garden projects from Miracle Gro come in. 

wildflowers How to Make Seed Bombs

Depending on what floats your boats, Miracle Gro’s The Gro Project has a series of super fun gardening projects.  They’ll teach you how to grow your own herbs, make seed bombs, plant a terrarium, even how to make a macramé plant holder.   We're gonna make seed bombs! 

How to Make Seed Bombs

Items needed:

• Wildflower seeds

• Dried clay

Miracle-Gro® Seed Starting Potting Mix

• Bucket

• Tray or cookie sheet

• Cheesecloth – optional

• Ribbon or string – optional

• Gardening gloves

• Water

• Miracle-Gro® Shake’n Feed All Purpose Plant Food


Mix equal parts potting mix, clay and seeds in your bucket.

Grab a handful then roll into a small ball, about ¾” in diameter. Add water as needed, to help your mixture stick together. 

Place the balls on a tray and dry them in the sun for a few days. I have also placed them of the shelf above my clothes dryer to dry. 

Throw down on the ground! Get them off to a good start by feeding them Miracle-Gro® Shake ‘n Feed® Plant Food every three months.

Since you will probably have extras, why not pass these along to your friends?  Place them in a pretty paper bag, an organza bag, or wrap in cheesecloth and ribbon to make a pretty presentation.

For even more great gardening ideas, you can check out the Miracle Gro Pinterest page.

 How to Make Seed Bombs

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  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I like this! And I know from experience, if you use Miracle Gro, it will work. We love that!

  2. I love to garden flowers and vegetables both. And Miracle Grow is a long time family friend of mine too. I have never heard about these seed bombs. Honestly I thought what in the world are they. My 5 year old grandson loves to garden too and this is an idea that he really would like to do. thanks so much for your idea

  3. HD Worley says:

    I had never heard of seed bombs. It sounds like a great idea. I will try it.

  4. How cool! I never heard of these before – at first, they look like something to eat! Sounds like a lot of fun and I so adore flowers! I use Miracle Gro for my plants.

  5. This looks like a fun and easy project to do! I’ll have to try it!

  6. Julie Wood says:

    This is very interesting to make seed bombs. I have never heard of this and this sounds like a great way to have nice wildflowers in my back yard. I am going to do this next year!

  7. This is a wonderful idea I have never heard of this that I can remember. thank you, jerri Davis

  8. Rebecca Parsons says:

    This is nifty and I am so trying this next summer. I have never heard of this until now.

  9. ellen beck says:

    Recently at a funeral we were given wildflowers as the person who passed loved wildflowers. I think somthing like this would be great for a wedding if properly packaged and the couple had this interest! I am pretty non trad too :)

  10. We love doing this. We do it along the highway.

  11. Susan Broughton says:

    This is such a good idea! I always use Miracle Grow for all my planting needs. I am going to pin this so I can remember it this Spring when I start planting again. Thanks so much!

  12. Lisa Brown says:

    love the idea. i do not have a green thumb for anything but these bombs would be easy to use.

  13. April Crisafulli says:

    This is a great idea of a rainy day project for kids! Love it!

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