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It appears that there are some serious concerts to see in 2013!  There are some music tours that are more anticipated and revered than the rest; it takes more than fancy clothing and a rock star image to woo the audience. A music artist is required to be an epitome of individuality and inspiration, and that makes him/her stand out from the crowd.

If you are a music buff, you would know how some musical concerts are more exciting than the others. Nobody is crazy for the usual lip syncing amateurs; it takes someone truly adept in his or her genre to bring down the house. Here are some of the most original showmen in the industry, who can mesmerize millions with a live concert:


aerosmith 550 x 413 Concerts to See in 2013


There is a reason why Aerosmith is a legend; this band knows how to rock the night away. Better known as America’s greatest rock n roll band, they have been performing since the 1970’s, and continue to boast of house-full shows. The immaculate guitar skills and Steven Tyler’s vocals, that are equally brilliant when performing live, bring in thousands of rockers to see an Aerosmith act. Hands down, this rock band is a must see!

kiss 550 x 520 Concerts to See in 2013


You would not know what I’m talking about if you haven’t seen Kiss performing! The iconic makeup and attire donned by the members is only the prerequisite; once the band hits the high bass notes, the music takes over. The veteran rockers started their journey in 1973, and have successfully created their own identity and individual presence in the music scene. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons put on a great show with their band. A Kiss concert is a vision, with the signature lightning and on-stage craziness.


The Killers7 550 x 344 Concerts to See in 2013

The Killers

This contemporary American rock band has proven its on-stage worth recently, with the foot tapping live music and perfect vocals. Anybody buying Killers tickets for themselves would never think twice; this is because the band is admired as the most worthy on-stage performers to date. The indie and alternative rock music is intriguing and inspiring. The band’s philanthropic element also shines through in their musical performances.


coldplay 550 x 413 Concerts to See in 2013


These boys from England need no introduction. Coldplay is amazing to watch live, mainly because of Chris Martin’s dreamy voice and the unique bass guitars. These modern day musicians have such uniqueness attributed to their work that you would recognize their music immediately; even when walking into a Coldplay concert with your eyes closed! Their concerts usually feature a lineup of songs from all their albums, and spectacular stage arrangements that add to the glamour.


johnmayer 462 x 550 Concerts to See in 2013

 John Mayer

Not everyone is a fan of rock n roll, and for them, the serenity of a John Mayer concert will be sheer bliss. His concerts are sober and tamed, with no flashy add-ons. John Mayer works the entire magic with his music and soulful voice; the artist does not rely on anything else to help him. His music speaks for him, and pierces right through the listener’s soul.


In conclusion, the best entertainers are those who can create a magical, night to remember. It requires lots of talent and personality, and the latter is the hardest thing to achieve! You could imagine someone dressed up like Kiss, in the midst of spotlights, singing horribly (or worse, lip syncing!); the best music acts are only made by great musical performances.

Artists also collaborate during tours, and when two or more veterans of live music come together, that show becomes a must-see!  What are your looking concerts to see in 2013?

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  1. I would love to see Aerosmith and maybe Kiss. Hubby would love ColdPlay and John Mayer, haha!
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