An Ode to Avocados

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Oh, avocados, how do I love thee?  I love you in salads like a Cobb.  I adore you in sandwiches like turkey and avocado on a croissant.  You are the main ingredient in my favorite dip – guacamole.  Furthermore, you were the basis of one of my favorite grade school science experiments.  You know the one, where we try to sprout your pit and plant it?

I’m not sure when our love affair began, but I do know it was love at first bite.  Growing up in California, we had Avocados from Mexico quite often, and with just about everything.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has this love/love relationship with avocados.  If you have a friend that feel similarly to how I do, share the avocado love!  With the Share the Avocado Love Facebook app, you can send your avocado lovin friends all kinds of things, like screensavers, ringtones, and badges that proclaim their love for avocados.  

If you feel the need to share your love of avocados with the world, you are in luck.  There’s an Avocados from Mexico Cafe Press store that has all kinds of avocado branded merchandise.  Yes, you heard, errr…read that right!  There’s the normal things like tote bags, and I love Avocados tee shirts, even aprons.  You can also pick up a serving tray or a coffee mug.  

However, I saw this avocado Calaveras de azucar (sugar skulls) tee shirt, and I knew it had to be mine.  

avoskull tee An Ode to Avocados

I mean, seriously – how great is that?  I especially love the avocados as eyes!  I think that you could share your avocado love without it screaming “YO!  I LIKE TO EAT AVOCADOS.”   Of course,  they also have a shirt that has an avocado dressed up as Santa Claus, and both a stocking and a trick or treat bucket filled up with avocados.   Sounds like a good holiday to me!

What’s your favorite way to have avocados?

 An Ode to Avocados

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  1. I love adding avacados to my salads and wraps!! My favorite though is to make gauc with them :)

  2. I love that T-shirt! My husband is a fan of avocados :)

  3. The t-shirt is awesome!  I don't like avocados, but husband loves them!

  4. I am not an avacado fan but I do love that t-shirt!!! I love crazy things like that!

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