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Music has always been one of the things that I enjoy.  I’ve always had really eclectic tastes and have liked a wide variety of styles and genres.  It’s funny, because really the only genres I don’t like are Jazz and modern R&B.  Oddly enough, I don’t like them for the same reason – I’m not a fan of music that veers off on its own tangent.  

That's one of the reasons that I love Spotify.  I can listen to, literally, just about any song ever recorded.  Oh, don't mind if I do!

Just about everything else, though, is fair game for my play list.  A few of my favorite songs right now. 

Hmmm…I'm sensing a little bit of a pattern here.  What are some of your favorite songs?

About Greta Brinkley

Greta is a newly minted 30 year old, originally from the West Coast. Now living in the Midwest, she loves hockey, sparkles, nail polish, and bright colors. She also cannot resist anything that has peanut butter and chocolate together. And she hates filling out bios. Yep.


  1. I love Pink – that's such an awesome song too!

  2. I really need to try spotify. So many people use it, I'm so behind the band wagon!
    You know what song I haven't heard in a while – Redneck Woman, by Gretchen Something-or-Other. I'm going to have to search for her last name & see what she's been up to. That song always energized me.

  3. Spotify is the best! I find that music can make such a difference in my mood. Starting the day with something upbeat as I get ready is the best!

  4. Pretty much any heavy metal will get me pumped up! I really really love Psychosocial by Slipknot.  The drums in there get me going every time.

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