Early Bird vs Night Owl

alarmclocks Early Bird vs Night Owl

Are you a morning person or a night owl?   For me, I have to admit – I am a little of both.  If I’m ready to get up in the morning, I practically spring out of bed and get right to business.  If it’s a work at home day, I’m up and at my computer quickly.  If I have to go in to work or be somewhere, I can be out of the house in about 15 or 20 minutes. 

However, I’ve found that I get my best sleep between about 7 am and 11 am.  That works fine if I’m working at home that day, but it’s not so good if I actually have to be somewhere. 

My other indulgence is a mid afternoon nap.  I got in that habit several years ago when I was doing 6 Week Body Makeover.  One of the recommended components is an afternoon nap, to let your body rejuvenate.  Well, sure, if you say so!  Who am I to argue with the experts?  If they say I need a nap, I need a nap! 

I’ve also found that late at night, I can really buckle down and focus, and get stuff just hammered out!  If I need to write something, I can do it really quickly after about 11 or so.  I don’t know if it’s because that’s when stuff quiets down, or I just get in a zone, or what.  

The worst part is that it all builds on itself.  I need a nap, so I can stay up late and get work done.  I have to sleep late because I stayed up so late.  I have to take a nap, because I had to get up early.  I can’t sleep, because I took a nap.  Such a vicious cycle! 

How about you?  Are you a morning person, a night owl, or somewhere in between?

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  1. I'm a morning person! I love the time by myself, before the world comes to life & tries to get you down!

  2. I'm a bit of both as well. I've found that setting an alarm for my afternoon/evening naps helps. A half hour nap will refresh me but not keep me up later. Of course, it's not always so easy to get up!

  3. Haha, this reminded of a post I wrote about this a couple years ago: <a href="http://www.susiebhomemaker.com/2010/04/are-you-an-early-bird-or-a-night-owl/&quot; target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl</a>. It was funny to read again because, though we've adjusted a little bit, we still stay up way too late. And my oldest daughter has had quite a few tardies in 1st grade and now 2nd grade. lol I'm definitely a night owl and think I probably always will be. ;p

  4. sharon powell says:

    I'm a night owl, hate early mornings. 

  5. Oops, guess html doesn't work in this comment box. lol Sorry! This is the right link without the mess-up at the end- http://www.susiebhomemaker.com/2010/04/are-you-an-early-bird-or-a-night-owl/ (you can publish this comment or just correct the original, lol). See it's after midnight during the week and I'm still up… I'm a night owl thru and thru! :D

  6. I am definitely a night owl! I didn't have a bedtime until I started Kindergarten…and those first five years of staying up late with my mom (another night owl) must have ruined me haha. I never want to get up before 8am. With a child now, however, I don't always get what I want!
    I also work better at night. I wish I could flip flop though, and work more during the day so I could be on the same schedule as the rest of my family.

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