Vintage Owl Earrings Flash Giveaway

turqowlearrings 600 x 598 Vintage Owl Earrings Flash Giveaway


ivoryowlstuds3 599 x 600 Vintage Owl Earrings Flash Giveaway

How cute are these Vintage Owl earrings?  I know I've done a giveaway for these before, but I found another set.  Since I don't even have pierced ears, I can't wear them!  Winner gets their choice of Turquoise or Ivory!

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  1. I would love to win these beautiful owl earrings!  I would pick Turquoise!
    Judy B

  2. Janis Vincent says:

    I would like the blue!  They are gorgeous!

  3. Adrianne B says:

    LOVE these.  Obsessed with owls:)

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