Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Did you know that tons of famous men wear hairpieces?  Some wear toupees while others wear full on mens wigs.  Some are very subtle, and others are pretty obvious. 

Who are these folically challenged fellas, you ask?  Well, there’s a ton of them, but here are a few fun bald celebrities. 

William Shatner

williamshatnertoupee 525 x 401 Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

William Shatner has worn a hairpiece for many, many years.  In Star Trek II, you can even see his hair piece move!  The horror!  Look carefully, and you can see the edges of his hairpiece in the above photo.  He has since had hair plugs, erm, I mean hair replacement surgery. 

Charlie Sheen

charliesheennaturalhair Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…He wears a hairpiece most of the time.  Who knew?  Not me, that’s for sure.  I'm actually kind of surprised he could remember it.

Bret Michaels

bretmichaels Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

My best friend from Jr High would kill me if she knew I was talkin' smack about Poison!  Who didn’t know Bret Michaels wore a wig?  I mean, his hair looks like doll hair for cryin out loud!  And if you ever watch Rock of Love, the girls are very careful not to touch the hair. 

Kevin James

kevinjames 525 x 340 Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Rumor is that Kevin James wears a toupee, and wore one during the filming of Kings of Queens.  I don't see it, but I don't know either way. 

Jeremy Piven

jeremypiven Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Jeremy Piven actually has a scar from his botched hair transplant surgery.  He also wears a piece to help cover that.  Of course, if you were paying attention, you saw his hair go from sparse to full and lush during one hiatus.  Hmmm….

Gene Simmons

genesimmonsbald Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

is bald and wears a wig.  While this isn’t really a surprise, it kind of is.  I mean, who would want their hair to look like his?  Plus, he pays extra for that.  Wow.  Just…wow.

Ted Danson

teddanson 525 x 295 Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

Most people know Ted Danson wears a wig.  He did take it off during an episode of Cheers, after all.  His hair and hair pieces always look really natural. 

Jason Alexander

jasonalexanderwig 525 x 262 Bald Celebrities that May Surprise You

I'm not sure why Jason Alexander started wearing a hairpiece.  Does he not realize that Seinfeld is on like 500 times a day, and we all know he's bald?  Whatever floats your boat.

Does this list of bald celebrities surprise you?  Who else wears a hairpiece? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Pauline Milner says:

    Wow! I never would have guessed that these celebrities wear hair pieces. I must say that most of them look better with the hair piece. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  2. ellen beck says:

    I had no clue about some of them and they could sure ‘hide’ without the hair!

  3. How interesting. I never knew any of these celebrities wore wigs or hair pieces. Most of them REALLY surprised me especially Brett Michaels and Charlie Sheen. Thanks for showing they are not all perfect either.

  4. Charlie Sheen???!!!! I am TOTALLY surprised that he is follically challenged!!!
    Veronica Lee recently posted..Christmas Treat Ideas 2013My Profile

  5. librarypat says:

    What surprises me most is how hard it is to tell the hair isn’t real. Ted Danson and the others look so natural. Jason Alexander was the only one here I knew about.

  6. Sherry Compton says:

    Charlie Sheen? I never would have guessed. I just assume it’s their normal hair. Jeremy Piven, Ted Danson…who knew? Thanks for the post. I’m fine with them wearing one…we all want to look and feel good, but I just hadn’t thought about it.

  7. ellen beck says:

    Gene Simmons being bald surprises me! He always wears that long wig!

  8. natalie parvis says:

    lol @ Charlie Sheen. He’s a mess!

  9. Sarah L says:

    My father was bald and it didn’t bother him at all. Said it was quicker to take a shower.

  10. Jessica Cox says:

    Wow I didn’t know half of these guys were bald,It kinda nice to know they have issues like everyone else.

  11. April Crisafulli says:

    A bunch of my girlfriends are in love with Bret Michaels!


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