Where Did It Go? – Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

kfc2 (600 x 451) Where Did It Go?   Wordless Wednesday w/Linky

This pile of rubble used to be a KFC & Long John Silver's combo restaurant.  Like, 10 days ago it was still open and on Monday it was still standing. You can kind of see where the drive-thru was. 

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  1. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    This is just like the McDonalds here we ate at it two days before and then it was demolished and within a couple of months they had a brand new one up.

  2. That's crazy!

  3. Yikes! Hope the clean it up as quickly as it came down!

  4. where did it go?! any word on what happened?

  5. oh wow! 
    Thanks for the linky, I have a linky on my WW post as well…
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