Staycation Ideas + A Visit From the Fairy Hobmother

staycationposter (314 x 400) Staycation Ideas + A Visit From the Fairy Hobmother

Summer is the time of vacations.  It seems like when I was a kid, we would take one long 2-3 week vacation, then a few others that were long weekends.  In recent years, sticking around close to home has gained in popularity.  They’ve even garnered a catchy name – Staycations!

There are lots of fantastic staycation ideas that don’t necessarily mean being trapped in your four walls or
camping out in your backyard.  Although, you could, and it would be awesome!

Here are a few staycation ideas that are things I’ve always enjoyed:

Visit a Nature Center.  Most towns of any size have them. 

Fish Hatcheries – These are a little more difficult to find.  Usually, you get to see fish at all levels of development, from eggs on up to full grown.  Some of these are really cool, and some are less so, but almost all are interesting for a little while.

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Factory Tours – Everyone likes to see how stuff is made.  When I was little, we went on a tour of a crayon factory.  That’s still something that I vividly remember.  We also went on a tour of the Vans shoes factory, lumber factories, the Mauna Loa factory, a Coffee farm, and tons more places. 


multnomahfalls (300 x 400) Staycation Ideas + A Visit From the Fairy Hobmother


Natural Wonders – Most areas have these, too.  A Canyon.  A waterfall.  A lake.  A river.  Beaches.   When we lived in Portland, OR, we used to go out to Multnomah Falls regularly. 

Resort areas
– A lot of times, you’re within a few hours of a little resorty town.  There’s usually things to see and cute little stores to browse in. 

Camping – If you already have the gear, this can be a really fun and relatively inexpensive trip. 

Road Trips – Remember, gas is still {relatively} inexpensive.  And they have restaurants or grocery stores everywhere.  Or, you could even pack a lunch! 


I was paid a visit by The Fairy Hobmother.  You're not familiar with the Fairy Hobmother?  Well, he goes around visiting blogs, bestowing Amazon gift codes to the most awesome!  Appliances Online allows him to be able to do this.  Leave a comment, and you could be next! 

What's your best staycation idea?

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  1. Wow!  That Fairy Hobmother rocks!

  2. Pick Me, Fairy!  Pick Me!  :)

  3. I have visions of hobmother fairies dancing in my head (and purchases I could make at amazon!

  4. After just getting home from a trip to visit my hubby's family, a staycation sounds GLORIOUS.
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  5. A staycation sounds great. And congrats on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother! I'd love to wake up to a surprise like that. Awesome!

  6. I hope the fairy hobmother visits me.

  7. I would love for the Fairy Hobmother to visit me at

  8. I need a vacation but with my dad diagnosed terminally ill with only 6 months at the longest I can't just take off somewhere so it's a staycation for me hopefully soon. Congrats on your fairy visit.

  9. Love the term Staycation! I think I will be having one of them with my family this weekend! Also congrats on the visit from the Fairy Hobmother!

  10. Colleen says:

    Well I"ve been sick so haven't been able to go hunting for the fairy hobmother….but he can find me at or http://www.colleensbooknook.
    Ahhh, That pic of Multnomah falls makes me homesick!!

  11. We are headed to Oregon next week for a "babymoon"! I can't wait!! Thanks for the fun tips!!

  12. When you live in Texas, a staycation is usually pretty easy to find. Hubby and I have been talking about San Antonio recently, so much to do!

  13. I am moving back to Vancouver so a staycation in my new old city would be a dream!

  14. great ideas!

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