Indulgent Caramel Macchiato Coffee Drinks at Home

Caramel Oclock Coffee32 203 x 300 Indulgent Caramel Macchiato Coffee Drinks at Home

I am not much of a coffee drinker.  Drip coffee, that is.  If you're talking froufrou coffee drinks – well, that's a different story altogether.  Want to go out for a latte? I am so there! 

A fair amount of my pocket money goes to these ridiculous(ly good and tasty) coffee beverages.  It doesn't have to be that way, though!  You can make your own at home.  And you don't need a $1,000 machine, either. 

With Eight O'Clock Coffee, you can bring the coffeehouse to your house. 

Here's what you need: 

Caramel O’Clock Coffee (like a Caramel Macchiato)

1 Cup hot brewed Eight O’Clock Original Coffee
2 Tbsp Milk
1 Tbsp Caramel Syrup
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Toffees, chopped into small pieces
Drizzle half of caramel syrup into the bottom of mug. Pour coffee. Add milk. Add whipped cream. Drizzle remaining caramel syrup over whipped cream. Garnish with chocolate toffees.


Pretty easy, huh? 

About Greta Brinkley

Greta is a newly minted 30 year old, originally from the West Coast. Now living in the Midwest, she loves hockey, sparkles, nail polish, and bright colors. She also cannot resist anything that has peanut butter and chocolate together. And she hates filling out bios. Yep.


  1. Yum! This sounds like an absolute delicious way to give my morning coffee some flair. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am not a coffee drinker but this looks so easy and so delicious! I think my husband would like it!

  3. That looks YUMMY!! I wish I was at your house this morning for coffee!!

  4. I don't drink coffee but this look GREAT! I would need more caramel and less coffee.

  5. I really prefer to have coffee beverages at home. This one looks delicious – love the mug!

  6. Shannon Pickin says:

    This sounds yummy :)

  7. Delightful.

  8. Amy Adams says:

    I can definitely make this and I think I will!  Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Yummy! I always look at recipes and see if I can convert them to my lifestyle. I don't consume dairy products because of allergies and I don't use white sugar in any of my recipes. What I could do is substitute almond milk for real milk, and make my own caramel sauce and whipped cream. I think I have something to work on here, huh? lol

  10. Phyllis Hunt says:

    Oh, yes, that sounds so, so good.  Gotta give it a try.

  11. this looks so decadent, I am in coffee heaven!

  12. This does sound good!  I think my husband would really like it too!  Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  13. Debbie Painter says:

    Looks Yummy!!!

  14. Jennifer Hiles says:

    Oh that sounds yummy, i'll have to get some toffee so i can try it!

  15. Yum! This sounds delicious!

  16. Marti Parks says:

    Sounds really good.

  17. Nicole Sender says:

    Sounds yummy and better than Starbucks!

  18. Cynthia C says:

    I prefer my coffee not sweet, but I know someone who would love this.

  19. Barbara Montag says:

    This looks so good – going to make it!
    Thank you.

  20. Kelly A. Tanner says:

    Oh yum yum yum, I am so doing this! Thanks!

  21. Whitney Lindeman says:

    This sounds like the best thing of my life. Yum!

  22. That looks so delicious.

  23. Im a big time coffee drinker and this looks delicious!

  24. Mariah Powell says:

    So simple but so delicious sounding!

  25. Julie H says:

    Sounds yummy- might have to try this!

  26. Deidra Bigham says:

    I would have to ask myself how many of the toffee candies, whipped cream, and caramel syrup would be left by the time the coffee brewed…..?   ;D

  27. Erin from Long Island says:

    nom nom nom…this sounds fabulous, and so simple!

  28. Christine Beasley says:

    looks and sounds delicious!!

  29. marcus sutherland says:

    Thanks for sharing sounds great!

  30. I like to use Torani syrup in my coffee! The salted caramel is super awesome! You get a HUGE bottle for around $8.00.

  31. mary gardner says:

    sounds great!

  32. Sounds Yummy!

  33. Georgette C says:

    I think I died and went to heaven reading this. Must try!

  34. Peggy Chandler says:


  35. Andrea Henry says:

    if it was not so late i go to the store and get the stuff for this now.


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