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I adore getting sample boxes in the mail.  It’s a good way to discover a lot of new products.  Conscious Box  is a new contender in the marketplace – but with a unique twist!  Everything in the Conscious Box is eco friendly!  How great is that? 

Conscious Box was started when 3 friends grew tired of the “green washing” that occurs with so many brands in the marketplace.  Green washing is the term used when companies try to make it appear that their products are more ecologically friendly than they really are.  Many companies claim to be eco friendly, but what does that mean?  To some companies that may mean that they use post-consumer waste paper products (which is federally mandated, BTW) while other companies may be zero or very low waste.  How is a consumer to choose? 

The people at Conscious Box are here help!  Before items make it into their boxes, the products must pass a thorough examination.  This ensures that the company has not green washed their products, the products are sustainable, and that the company has ethical business practices.  All pretty good things, really! 

consciousbox2 (400 x 360) Conscious Box   Try New Eco Friendly Products

The Conscious Box I received was jam-packed full of eco friendly goodness.  There was handmade soap.  There was lotion and laundry detergent, an air freshener.  There was even some candy and an energy bar!   

You can buy your Conscious Box one of three ways – by the month, a 3 month subscription, or a 6 month subscription!   This would make an awesome gift that anyone would love to get.

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  1. Love the look of the box and the contents inside! I've been looking for a good eco-friendly soap. May I ask what brand you received? And I think I might have to put a Conscious Box on my wishlist for my birthday next month!

  2. I love the idea of sampling numerous different eco-friendly products before committing to one. I really should give this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very good information. And I never heard of the term 'green washing' before! Thanks for sharing this product info

  4. Well… that's an awesome new twist!!!
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  5. Learned a new term today…green washing.

  6. I never head of the term green washing, I guess you have to dig deeper to see how green a particular company really is.

  7. That would be interesting to try out!

  8. Tracy Juliano says:

    What a great way to discover new eco-friendly products. I love this concept!

  9. I didn't realize till now that the term conscious is actually referring to the whole products industry. I first thought it was just a marketing word.

  10. I love this idea, the products sound fab! I wnat to try them out! I too didn't know what green washing was.

  11. Did you like the candy and energy bar? Which brand and flavor did you receive?

  12. wow  were did this come up   i never seen them

  13. love the 3 different ways to choose when to get the box. awesome idea!

  14. Johnetta Dawson says:

    I would love to try that stuff………especially the hand made soap!!

  15. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  16. Farrah Shumway says:

    I never heard that term before "Green Washing". I will be more aware from now on. 
    This seems like a great company & very cool idea. I would love to get boxes with little surprises insinde. Thanks for the information!

  17. Jan Messali says:

    I like how carefully They screen each item before it makes it into their boxes.  Sounds like a great company.

  18. Maritza Robinson says:

    I love that the items in the box are eco friendly and delivered to your door step.  I have won a box before and it is great,  It is small but packed with so many samples.  

  19. kasey reed says:

    I love that it is eco-friendly! More products should be!

  20. This is something I really would like to try!  Awesome idea and an incredible endeavor!!

  21. ericka coello says:

    it is a good way to promote eco-friendly products.  we are already saturated with advertisements of name brand products that don't really care of the environment

  22. I've been looking into these monthly sample subscriptions, and this one seems to be much more generous than the others I've seen.

  23. I'm glad they thoroughly investigate these companies – so many companies claim to be "green" or "natural" and then they aren't at all, it's just a marketing ploy.  Great company and service!

  24. Becky Dodd says:

    I've never tried any of these products but love everything eco-friendly.  I'll be doing some research now!

  25. Deidra Bigham says:

    They do all the "homework" for you by ensuring that a company really is eco-friendly.

  26. This is a great review. I am always so intrigued by new companies that pull together from other wonderful companies and check them out. Thank you for a great review!

  27. I absolutely love sample boxes! It's like getting a present, a box of surprises every month!

  28. Kasee Johnson says:

    I'm glad that they thoroughly screen companies before including them. I, too, am tired of companies "green washing."

  29. How spicy were the ginger  chews?

  30. Rachel Rodman-Kunkler says:

    I am really interested in getting one of these now after reading your review. thanks for the info.

  31. Sue Hull says:

    I'm hoping to win one of these awesome boxes so I can decide if I want to get one every month. I think that everything being eco friendly is so important. A lot of companies as you said say they're going greener but overall really aren't. I'd love to try some goodies like these. Thanks for sharing and for the great review. Oooh I really want one! Lol!

  32. Thanks for sharing with us about this company.  They appear to be very different from most of the other box-a-month companies.  They seem to really care about the environment and have put a lot of thought into their company's mission statement.

  33. Meg Tucker says:

    I always get super excited about things in boxes!! They remind me of being a kid and opening a gift!!!  i have only recently heard about these Concious Boxes and think that it is a brilliant idea! Thanks for this opportunity for a win! :)

  34. What an incredible idea! I love how each box provides several samples; like you said that's the best way to discover new and exciting companies and products.
    And best of all, it's eco-friendly! :)

  35. penelope merriweather says:

    I think it's  something you can try for three months is nice because it's not a big committment  to try natural products.  Having sensitive skin I would consider trying it.


  37. I would love to get samples that earth- friendly. That would help me choose the products I want to buy. 

  38. I love this whole idea! What a great concept, I would love to try:)

  39. Kasee Johnson says:

    I love that Conscious Box is so thorough before adding new companies to their boxes. I cannot wait to try one myself!

  40. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I love that they screen out the green washed products for you 

  41. Eugenie says:

    This would be a good way to learn about eco-friendly products that i am not familiar with.

  42. Whitney Lindeman says:

    Could not agree more about green-washing!!! I just graduated with a degree in Public Health, and the stuff we learned about in environmental health classes was pretty shocking. 

  43. SHEILATF52@YAHOO.COM says:

    GOOD concisse review. I think the biggest appeal to these subscription boxes is the surprise element–also cool to try new products.
    sheilatf52 at yahoo dot com


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