Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

It that time of year when we start thinking about getting in shape.  No, really, this is the year we’re gonna do it!  Welll…if you’re gonna start in January, you’re going to need some gear that will keep you warm,

 Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

First, you need a long sleeve shirt that will wick away sweat and regulate your body temperature.  There are a lot of different brands out there, and they don’t come cheap.  $40-60 is a standard price.  This one is from Asics.

 Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

Next, you’ll need some pants, right?  Now, you can wear your sweatpants, but beware.  The wind will whip right through them.  Nooo, what you’re gonna want is some thermal wind-resistant pants.  These are from Mizuno and run about $85.  While I’d love to have a pair of these, I layer workout leggings under a pair of fitted sweatpants.

 Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

If you’re a chicky-babe, you understand the need for a good bra.  Working out is no exception!  If you have smaller breasts, you can find a good sports bra many places.  When you have a fuller bust, it’s more difficult.  This bra is from Nike and comes in sizes up to 3X!

 Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

Now, you’ll also need a jacket.  No one wants to exercise in their big, bulky, heavy coat.  No, you want something that’s going to keep you warm without getting in the way.  And, you want something that will regulate the temperature so you don’t get too hot.  This half zip is awesome for that!  I wear a polar fleece jacket that’s somewhat fitted to my body.

 Fashion Friday: Winter Workout Wear

Of course, you need a good pair of shoes.  This is a place that you don;t really want to scrimp, but that’s not to say that the most expensive shoes are the ones that are right for you.  Good shoes will last you a long time.  Personally, I like a pair of cross-trainers, as I like the way they support my foot.  I have a pair that are very similar to the ones shown above that I’m getting ready to retire after 3 1/2 years.   These are from Asics and run around $70.

Other items you may want include an ear warmer headband, gloves, and, depending on how cold it gets where you are, possibly a hat.

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  1. Nice set up. Exercise is definitely on my list this year, especially since I've quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

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